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Related post: Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:27:45 -0800 (PST) From: eloise artois Subject: recollections 2 lesbian adult-youthWarning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a girl and women. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.Recollections 2 - Ellie's friends increaseThere came a ringing from the street door bell, we looked out of the window, Lady Francis was being helped out of her car by her chauffer, he had rang the bell. She was wearing a large hat and veil with a voluminous cape that covered all including her arms. Her chauffer opened the door and then left in the car. preteen and porno Within a few minutes there came a knocking on the office door. I preteens nude topliste was in hiding. Madam had on the same type of soft gown she had on the day before. Madam said"Come in"LF -- "I cannot Madam I have incapacitated my self as your request but now cannot open the door or preteen nude photography put on the blind fold, in complying in one request I have now failed in another, please forgive me I am nudist preteens a stupid slave"Madam -- "turn preteen boys masterbation around and close your eye I will see how stupid you are"Madam opened the door, removed Lady Francis' hat and veil placed on the blindfold and replaced the hat and veil and led her into the office, when it was obvious Lady Francis could not see I quietly came out of hiding. Madam was removing the cloak. Beneath it Lady Francis was naked, except for her shoes. Her hands were behind her back and inserted into a long sheath that laced along its full length, fastened japonese preteens them from wrist to shoulder, forcing her shoulders back and together. This position thrust her large breast forward, her stomach was flat and her cunt was shaved, very large with pictures preteen sluts protruding lips and clit. Even with her preteen flat tight legs together her cunt was obvious with her clit resting on her fat lips. Her buttocks were large and ample. She stood there naked, in her hat veil and boots. To my scale she was just large, not fat just huge, preteens nudes photos even at 14 I was petite and half Madams size, Lady Francis was again twice as big as Madam, so she appeared four times as big as little me. I decided I must have her and in full control, had this vision of me riding her like a large horse.Madam led her into the room; I had come out of hiding now the blindfold was on. And I quietly approached the pair.Madam -- "open your legs"Lady Francis did so and I crept even closer to view her cunt. I said"Madam I want to kiss it"Madam in a whisper -- "quite my child you will preteen nude tube give the game away, wait all will be available" then loader, "Now asian thumbs preteen then slave what do you want again and are you prepared to pay the price"LF -- "It is as I said before we want you to perform, but after seeing your student I am bewitched and dream of her at night, would she perform as well, Oh!! You and her together underage preteen topless maybe, money is no object; please consider Madam movies tgp preteen I will do anything! Anything!Madam -- "So you like my prize student do you, would you like her to do this" madam then took my hand and unbeknown to Lady Francis placed my hand on the large tit in front of me. I pulled and squeezed the nipple until it stuck out, it was long and brown. I looked at Madam and she nodded and to Lady Francis' cries of "YES!! YES!!" sucked it into my mouth and nibbled with my little teeth.Madam -- "What about your cunt slave would you offer her that"LF -- "But an angle like her would not, but yes, yes" as she said this I sank to my knees between her legs and buried my face into her fleshy lips. She was so whet I was almost drowning, like a small salmon I swam up stream until I located her clit which was now full and long and deep throat preteen hungrily sucked it into my mouth also pausing maxwell preteen supermodels to lick right into her cunt hole, which issued another flood of juices.LF -- "Oh Madam this is so beautiful"Madam -- "Then slave, see who is ravishing you" and she pulled off the blindfold.LF looked confused as the slurping into her preteen naked art cunt had not stopped and Madam was by her side and had spoke, she then looked down and saw me with modeling preteen island only my nose and eyes peeping out of her cunt and she preteen girls forced realized that the object of her lust was already enjoying he cunt and juices. This was too much for this elegant lady and with a cry of pleasure she came and almost collapsed on top of me. My face was pressed even deeper into her cunt and with the flood of her juices I came as well.Lady Francis was babbling again, Madam said "Quiet and enjoy, you will now find out what an angle she really is".Madam then went and sat at her desk and instructed to proceed, whilst placing her own hand on her cunt and began to play.I approached my new slave, straddling one of her thighs and commenced rubbing my cunt up and down, fascinated by her nipples I pulled and sucked them to enormous lengths. I then moved my hand down to her cunt and commenced to pull and twist her clit and labia, I was amazed that by pulling hard I could stretch her lips out several inches. Her cunt was large and wet and easily swallowed my one hand and I fisted her furiously whilst still rubbing on her thigh and sucking her tit. When I sensed her climax was nigh and she had commenced to ride my fist, I again slipped in between her legs and rammed both fists into her ample cunt. They sank in easily almost to my elbow and when I rammed teens preteen them against the back of her womb she again cried out and reached her second climax. This was soon followed by madam's sigh of pleasure.I stood there with love juice flowers preteen magazine beyond my elbows and over my whole face and it felt wonderful, again the power of control was mine. I had made two women cum with my performance and I felt great.Madam pulled herself together and pages preteen nude held the cloak out for Lady Francis and covered her nakedness but left her covered in her own juices, fastened all at the front and placed her hat and veil on her head.Madam -- "Please pass preteen cp cp on this message, we will both perform but the fee has doubled, if it is in my bank by tomorrow we will perform on Friday night"The chauffer was called an Lady Francis was lead away in a somewhat disheveled and confused state to boys nudes preteen he waiting car, what her chauffer thought we never knew.Friday night started with a chauffeured collection of madam and I, we wore smart clothes of style and grace, with the dresses indonesian preteen short enough to show our legs to perfection. We had rehearsed hard and were confident that our performance would be perfection to start, and then erotic, then devilishly obscene at he end, but I was nervous at what would happen at the end. Madam admitted she had done a few of these private performances and enjoyed not only the dance but also the celebration dark preteens movie afterwards. She would say no more.We arrived at this large country estate, passed through the gates and traveled the drive to the front portico. We were welcomed by our hostess Lady Francis, now quiet respectable in a long evening gown, since all servants had been banished from the estate for the night and the dogs would be loosed to deal with anyone found on the estate after japanese preteens nude the performance began.We arrived at 8.00pm, and Lady Francis showed us into an anti room to change, separated japan nude preteen from the next room by a door and preteen shaven pussy two closed curtains and fussed around us like an old mother hen. Madam shoo'd her away and we decided to little naked preteen view the dance area. We entered this room and inspected the performance area, which was a cleared end of a large lounge, with a sprung wooden floor. Couches were arranged in a semi-circle surrounding the one end of the lounge. Guests commenced to arrive at 8.15 and were seated by 8.30pm. I sneaked a peep through the curtains and was surprised to see 15 or so elegantly dressed sophisticated women aging from forty to about sixty, they looked so respectable and even though Lady Francis was in evidence being the perfect hostess, my nerves made me ask madam if we were right to perform as we had rehearsed, had we got the right night, were we in the right place. She calmed me down and said that this was the most sophisticated and exclusive lesbian society in town and everything would be all right. We finished dressing, we both wore purpose made dance leotards that pushed up the breast so that the nipple just peaked over the top, they fitted like a second skin to leave the buttocks bare and our juicy little cunts all exposed. Madam wore a full thin lace preteen toplist extreme skirt for the first solo performance and then would change to match my preteen iligal models out fit that also had a 90% tutu that left the front open for the second joint performance. For the finale we would be totally naked.The lights dimmed and the dance area was illuminated by spots, Madam entered to sighs and applause. The music sexy preteen russians and the dance began. I peeked through the curtains again, madam looked beautiful in shimmering white. At the beginning it was obvious that the ladies had not notice how exposed her breasts were and her cunt could be seen under the floating skirt, but during the dance as this floated on the air it became more obvious, when this was realized a ripple of whispering sighs went round the room and several of the ladies were already clasping the hands of the watchers next to them. The dance was classical perfection and by the end several hands had sought their own or new friends moist recesses. Madam finished to thunderous applause and a standing ovation. So enrapt were the audience that in their rush to stand and applaud quite a few dresses had risen with their owners preteen dating preteen models guestbook and dimpled thighs and both shaved, partially shaved and trimmed cunts were on open display from my vantage point. Madam entered the dressing room, flushed from the display and her subtle exposure. She removed the skirt and put on the tutu, it was now my time to enter, collecting all my courage we entered to gasps of pleasure, young nubile preteen there was now no subtlety blow preteens in our costume, tits and cunts flashed in the light. Again the dance began, Madam played my lover and through all the moves and lifts managed to caress and insert hands and tongues. We finished with me in a full standing split with my heels above Madams head, my cunt was full and totally open and the wetness glistened in the lights. Again we left to a standing ovation, by now skirts and dresses were permanently raised to waist level and not returned to a more decorous height as before when they sat. Many couples had now been formed and the foreplay was in full swing, mutual masturbation was the norm in this elegant sophisticated society.Our final nudists preteens pics performance was totally deviant and sensuous, the floor had been covered by a huge bear skin rug and we entered with all lights extinguished, we assumed our positions which was a standing embrace tongues entwined and fingers in each others cunts. The lights flashed on and at the sight of us an orgasmic cry flowed around the room. We danced to the Bolero fingers fucking cunts with increased rapidity as the beat increased we entwined and preteen legal lollitas went through many contortions as only ballet dancers can achieve, it also followed our normal love making so we accepted the movements with grace and love for each other. This was apparent to all as they watched enraptured frigging one or both neighbors and in turned being frigged themselves, many cried or sighed in climax as the performance ended with me in Madams favorite position, heels behind my neck and now after much practice her full fist I my cunt and three fingers up my arse. The lights went preteen sex thumbs out and we exited in the darkness we answered six curtain calls before it was agreed we could meet the audience. Now loitas preteens sex the audience was nearly as nude as us with only wisps of clothing, the odd stocking or strings of pearls remaining.We both received bouquets of red roses and holding these in our hands several of the women fell to their knees in front webring preteen model of us requesting permission to worship at the font of their desires, Madam waved a casual acknowledging hand and they began to lick the sweat and cunt juices preteens movies xxx of her labia and clitoris, she soon had one at her cunt and one at her arse and two playing with her breasts. When confronted with the same situation, I attempted to mimic Madams dismissive wave and soon I had my own team of sycophants buried into my folds.Madam smiled and said "You see my child I new preteens chat live you would finally enjoy the evening, be patient it gets even better".It was an amazing sensation to discuss technical aspects of the dance free sex preteens with a, albeit nude, refined gentle lady of about 30, still in most of her jewelry with two younger ladies gobbling at my cunt and arse. Again my quest for power free pic preteen surfaced, how myself a slip of a girl of 14 had an effect on women that had been proved to much larger numbers and I was exhilarated as well as sexually stimulated and with the realization and the physical administration of my fans tongues I came almost immediately and almost swooned, The lady saw preteen nudism pics my pleasurable distress and kindly, I thought, led me away, leaving the kneeling women licking their lips and begging for one last touch.The Lady said that she was a love slave and had been sent to request that I be present me to her mistress.The scene on the dance floor had become even more abandoned, seeing me in kind hands Madam had entered into the spirit of the evening and had succumbed to the weight of the preteen topless top attentions, both physically, emotionally and sexually and slid to the floor and was now surrounded by ladies attempting to enjoy her. She had a little preteen bra youngish fan fastened to her cunt; it was obvious to all that it would need a crow bar to get her separated from the cunt she so desired. Two others were xxx preteen ilegal kneeling devouring Madams nipples whilst she fingered them both; two others were fighting for the privilege of sitting on her face. An argument was averted by madam positioning them behind each other she then commenced licking both cunts one after the other in one long slurping lick from the rear ladies arsehole to the clit of the one in front. Still eager to be part of the worship, others had begun rubbing their cunts along Madam's thighs, one other more mature matron had managed to insert one of Madam's dainty preteen pussy ing feet into her cunt all the way to the heel and I could see madam wriggling her toes much to the ecstasy of the matron.Whilst this debauchery was happening in front of me I was introduced to a tall strong striking Lady of over 50 years pre teennude girls who had appeared to retain most of her gown, but the tell tale signs of wetness on her upper lip and brow as well as the ilegal preteens porno sticky juices on hers and her friends hands revealed the truth of the effect of lena preteen photos my dance. Her name was Mathilde, her breasts were almost out of her gown and it was split up to her waist and through this gap I could see her strong muscular legs. She praised my style and verve and offered me a seat on her knee. As preteen models nu she continued our pleasantries and conversation she began to stroke my body, remember I rika japanese preteen was still nude and sweating from the dance. I opened my preteen lolta pussy legs to receive her attentions because in all honesty I was enraptured by the power video x preteens of the woman preteen shy tgp and with her slave sat demurely at her side Mathilde began to finger me preteens nonude sexy This was so similar to what my Nana used to do that I quickly came again and my cries of pleasure timed perfectly with Madams mighty climax back on the dance floor.With candid preteen boys the collapse of the pleasure pyramid calm was once more restored and after time for composure and straightening of hair and jewelry we were gathered together to go in for dinner. Lady Francis again fluttered around and presented everybody with white chiffon gowns that covered but revealed all. Now the whole ensemble was to some extent dressed. Only the Mathilde retained some of her clothing but I had managed to get her tits out of her gown whilst she was interested in my cunt and open it up now to beneath her bodice. So as we walked in arm in arm it flowed open to reveal a very underage preteen incest trim and muscular torso with a small tidy shaved cunt that certainly belayed her age. What attracted my attention were the five gold rings, two in each labia and one clitoral that twinkled in the candlelight. She smiled when she saw my attraction.The dinner was alfresco with each of us serving ourselves from an extensive buffet. Lady France sat at one end of the rectangular table, with madam at her side. Mathilde at the other with me at her right and her slave at her left. Conversation increased and flowed over many topics, Mathilde deftly drew my life out of me and as I reveled all I saw the slave playing with herself. This made me smile and Mathilde seeing my pleasure said --"Ah! My little one likes to have an effect on people, you like to be in control, to give pleasure and drive your prey to excesses"I said -- "It gives me great pleasure and fills my heart"Mathilde -- "Good little one we shall play gay preteens well together"Dinner had finished and champagne wild preteenie porn flowed, again groups were collecting around Madam and again she was naked with many women fighting for a part of her body, she vanished under a pile of hands lips and bodies, only to rise, receive a obese preteens models strap-on dildo from lady Francis hovering nearby and dive back in again to surely bbc preteen model attempt to fuck all present. At the first scream of ecstasy at penetration Mathilde led her slave and me, to a private room. Here she held me in a strong embrace and squeezes me to her breasts and I, being the right height buried my face into the cleavage of her large tits. She had to bend to kiss me and bending me slightly backwards kissed and inserted her tongue into my mouth. It proved preteen schoolgirl nude to be a long tongue. Whilst kissing and exploring my body once again the slave, who had already striped nude, undressed us both and deftly stroked and caressed parts that we russion nude preteens were not reaching.When we were both naked Mathilde did an amazing thing, she lifted me bodily and turned me upside down until my legs lay across preteen japenese thong her large shoulders, this put my cunt directly in her face and she commenced to lick and chew me to heights of passion. Being inverted it took a little little preteen top time for me to realize preteen wetting pics that a similar tasty morsel was also presented before my eyes. Her cunt was small compared to her muscular thighs and stomach, but as she opened her legs to take a stronger stance it opened like a flower and lips parted photo model preteen to reveal a large and erect clit. I needed no more encouragement and dove for my wriggling preteen swim models morsel. Once I had it between my teeth I applied my extensive education and practical experience to go stead and very passwords preteen soon I had her thighs trembling with pleasure as we were both locked together standing and inverted both mouths and tongues buried slurping in cunts, I must admit the wet noises we free preteen amsterdam made were long and extensive, the slave continued to stroke and fine openings to add further pleasure. Her climax was sudden and very strong with all her body going into spasm, top 50 preteens she cried aloud into my cunt and this also finished me. She later admitted that I was the first ever to make her come first. She preteen boner fell like a fallen oak backward onto the bed, which fortunately was strong enough to take both of us. I rolled sideways but continued to play with her piercings. She slowly recovered and looked at me lovingly her beauty was so different from my Madam and in beauty strength and power she left Nana unfortunately way behind. We talked whilst we recovered, she was financially well of and dedicated to her own sensual pleasures. She lived in a large town house on one of the boulevards of Paris and entertained lovely preteen model to her own satisfaction and incidentally the ecstasy of others.She slowly roused herself and twisting me around on the bed held me in a scissor grip legs alternating along our bodies but cunts crushed together. Holding tight to me ankles she began to ride my cunt grinding hers into mine with long strong pelvic thrusts to a fast preteens freepics rhythm, It took but seconds for me to understand this new position and soon we were moving in ls dirty preteen perfect harmony, thrust to counter thrust, slide to slide. It was then I began to appreciate the use of her rings since the attached to many sensitive parts of my cunt, clit and opening and the friction and some pain this buy preteen panties time brought me off first and as my asian preteens free climax rose so did my screams, she continued for few seconds and then joined me in the chorus. This was a start of many cum competitions between us, I like to think that out of the thousands shared I was always just in pretty preteen nonude the lead.I suddenly noticed the slave that I had totally forgotten during my climaxMe -- "Mathilde what about your slave does she get no pleasure"Mathilde -- "you are too kind, see how she waits patiently, would you like to assist"Me -- "OH YES"Mathilde -- "Slave what do you desire"She rushed over to some bags and pulled out preteen polen model a strap-on dildo with the largest most realistic cock I have ever seen daughter panty preteen and she boy preteen photo proffered it to Mathilde.Mathilde -- "Do you want the honor"Me -"OH YES"Mathilde assisted me in donning the appliance and oiled the shaft; it again made me feel powerful to watch the false cock being wanked by Mathilde as she applied lubricant.Mathilde -- "Slave you know how you want it, why are you not in position. NOW!! MOVE!! Put it in her arse not her cunt"The slave laid on the floor and rolled her legs back over her head, she was not as flexible as me but it charming russian preteens lifted her cunt and arse into accessibility and I preteen nudeasian models eased the dildo home. After the initial resistance her arse opened and movement became free and flowing. When Mathilde saw us achieving a fast rhythm she straddled the slaves face and thrust her cunt down and began long and firm hip slides moving her cunt over the slaves face, from this position she pulled the slaves legs further back, lifting the slaves cunt up and taking her eight on arm preteen girl thumbs thrust her fingers into the slaves cunt, more and more fingers were added until she was fisting and stretching the cunt. The slave was in orgasmic pleasure as we achieved the same rhythm speed and flow. Large dildo fucking her arse, fist fucked cunt with me squeezing and flicking her clit and cunt smothered face. She did not last long after only about 2 minutes of muffled screams she came. We all collapsed and then slept to morning.At breakfast when we were all respectably dressed I was reunited with Madam who was positively glowing with satisfaction. Mathilde leant over to me and said"How would you like to see more of me my little one"?Me -- "Yes but what about Madam"Mathilde -- "Do not worry, preteen model password we are in discussions and we believe non of us will lose any love, If you came to me is there anything you would like"At that point Lady Francis enteredMe -- "Would I come as just another slave"?Mathilde -- "Of course not my little one, after your fucking of my slave last night I want to train you as my equal"Me -- In that case YES but I want to fuck and ride Lady Francis like a horse'Mathilde -- "Done, but be prepared for a few surprises"After breakfast madam collected me and we were chauffeured back to Madams studio and we spent the rest of the day frigging russian preteen twinks each other as we told each of our experiences.The surprise french preteen came underage boy preteen quicker than expected. The next Sunday, which was when my Father and myself sometimes were home together I was summoned to his study. My mouth dropped open when sat on the other side of his desk was Madam and Matilde. I attempted to hide my shock and retain an appearance of innocence, if that was possible with these two here.Father -- "Now then my dear Ellie, come and stand next to me, Madam Eloise has introduce me to Mademoiselle Mathilde DuBois, who is a patron of the arts and also provides patronage to gifted students. It appears she has seen some of your performances clips japanese preteens (Me to myself "I bet she has" and classifies you as a gifted student and nude preteen magazines worthy of patronage. This is banned tgp preteen all of a surprise to me but I will not stand in the way of your development. Mademoiselle DuBois preteens boobs pic is donating a sizable sum to Madam Eloise's studio and has offered a bursary to you personally not only to continue your dancing studies preteen bikini glamour but also as preteen chat girls an internship at her own Interior Design company. This means you will spend some days after normal tuition with Madam Eloise furthering your dance studies and most of the rest of the week with Mademoiselle Dubois as her intern. Is this satisfactory to you?Matilde interjected and said "The horse riding you specifically requested has been arranged with Lady naked preteen thumbnail Francis"Me, trying not to shout -- "Yes papa" -- GREAT I was going to get the ride I wanted. the excitement, the sex and continue with my dancing and my selected career.End of Chapter Two -- the final Chapter will follow. After chapter one I had some encuragement and made a few friends but a lot of time wasters. Please e-mail me at eloise_artoisyahoo.com if you are a lesbian and enjoyed the first and second chapters. I will send other chapters to Lesbians who wish to open correspondence with me and can satisfy my condition to prove that they are genuine, no men please.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* The author does not condone child abuse, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy shocking photos preteen not real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison system. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
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